The DIY behaviour in NIgeria has gradually died over the years. I remember growing up, most households had basic tools such as hammer, set of screw drivers,  etc. Most fathers knew how to change a shower head, fix a leaking pipe, repair a power switch, fix a broken furniture, unblock a clogged drain. Our mothers would make our hair, mend our cloths. etc.

Due to our busier lifestyle, these skills were not passed to subsequent generations as such the death of DIY in our country. I really do not blame anyone because such labour is quite cheap in NIgeria. This is not the case for people living abroad, they pay a lot for the“se maintenance services  and pride themselves in the act of craftsmanship as such the DIY behaviour is prevalent abroad.

This post is for both single and married women. This is not a feminist post, but my view on what I believe every woman should know and practice especially in this 21st century.

I am deeply saddened that a great percentage of women do not understand money and do not have control of their finances. Everyday, I keep seeing posts that gets me worried. Posts on how a woman went from grace to grass either due to the loss of a loved one or due to change in finances of their partner. I see posts on how young girls trade in their morals all because of money.

How to be an expert haggler.


I learnt how to haggle from my mother. My mother could beat down the price of an item by more than 60%. I hated going with her to the market, she will spend hours pricing items until she gets the best deal. I used to silently pray that she should not be beaten up in the market especially from the meat sellers with their viscous looking knives.

Back then, I used to feel embarrassed when my mother puts on her ‘haggling cap’ and on several occasions, I will beg her to just buy the item and pity the seller, to which she will hiss and say, ‘ Nwamaka, you don’t know these sellers, they like to reap people off their hard earned money, don’t worry when you become a woman you will understand better’. I promised myself never to be a haggler like my mother,  but as nature will have it, a lion gives birth to a lion.

Financial Lessons I teach my toddlers.


It’s been such a long time (over 3 months) that I blogged and I must sincerely apologize. A lot has happened to me these past 3 months but the main news is that; we have a new addition to our family – a boy, he arrived in July. Each day I look at my 3 children and can’t believe they are mine. I am so grateful to God for en-trusting them to me.

Motherhood is a lot of work and I am trying my best to be a good mother.  I want my children to love God and have the right values about life, I want them to be satisfied and happy with their life, I want them to be responsible citizens and have good financial morals and not greedy people. it’s never too early to start teaching our children on healthy financial habits.  Being a master over ones finances is so important and after a few instances with my daughters, I realized it was time to start teaching them simple financial habits and money values. 

Hello everyone, this post is as a result of a mail one of my readers sent. She wanted to know how to feed her family of 5 with a monthly food allowance of N15,000. I have responded to her , but then I decided to do a quick post on cheaper food substitutes during this period of high inflation.

Honestly, feeding a large family during periods like this can be a big task, this is the rainy season and crop items are usually priced higher during this cycle. Now coupled with the high inflation in our economy due to the fuel price increase and high exchange rate, prices of food items have almost doubled in price.

Thank God it’s Friday, I love weekends not just because I get to rest and spend quality time with my family, but also because I can have time to work for myself and develop my ideas without the guilt feeling that I am using my employers time for my personal runs.

So last 2 weeks, I started a series on strategic options for turbulent times. If you missed the first post, you can read it HERE.  Due to the current economic situation in Nigeria, we need to face reality and think optimally. This is the time for everyone to re-strategize.

Happy Friday, first I must yet again apologize for my long absence. A lot of things have happened over the past 2 months and I got distracted pursuing other stuffs.  This post is long over due, It has been in my draft folder for over 45days.

A lot has been happening in Nigeria, exchange rate is very high, inflation has hit double digit, there is a decline in purchasing power of individuals, GDP has declined over the past quarter, Government spending is severely constrained, PHCN is holding on to power and fuel has become a scare commodity.

In the past I have talked about saving money, investing, cutting costs but making money is also so key. Making money and reducing costs actually go hand in hand. This year, I have decided to join the league of people earning more money through passive income, and network marketing is one of such method that I want to tap into.  I know 3 of my friends that are earning well on multi level marketing, infact 2 of them are into it full time.

The painful thing is that we all joined together  during our NYSC period but  I wasn’t serious and aggressive as they were simply because I got a job right after NYSC and got satisfied with how much I was earning. To be honest, I kinda envy them now, they work from home and have time for their families. Each time they present to me a new MLM opportunity , I shy away because I didn’t like the products being sold and I wasn’t ready to take the risk of investing some 60k/150/200k in a business.

Having a baby on a budget.


Over the weekend I went to visit a friend. Her cousin and his wife were also visiting  and I met them having a heated argument.  His wife was pregnant and was demanding for N650,000 to enable her buy the needed baby items. The man was lamenting that the amount was more than 2ce his monthly salary and he could not afford such amount. His wife is an upcoming make up artist and she doesn’t earn so much from her business.

The man was obviously getting frustrated as both ladies (his wife and my friend (his cousin)) were putting him under a lot of pressure, telling him babies were so expensive and he had no choice but to provide that amount. I didn’t want to join the debate because I felt this was family matter but then he begged me to be sincere in my response to him on how much I spent when I had my first baby.

I planned to stay indoors last Saturday because I wanted to rest, sadly I could not achieve this. The weather was so hot and dry, even after a cold shower, I still could not sleep, the fan was at full blast yet the room was so hot, the AC was also not chilling. It was as though the air stood still.

My two toddlers did not even help matters, they kept jumping and throwing toys at me, nudging me to join them in their play. Hubby was studying and also needed some peace, so he asked that I take them to the park so that they can use up their energy.