Welcome to Akaglue, I am passionate about seeing people become masters over their finance, grow their passion into a profitable business and live a fulfilled life. I believe everyone ought to be a financial master and know how to win with money and I am here to guide you through that journey.

With me, you would learn to:

Finance Dynamics

Learn the dynamics of personal finance and regain control of your personal finance

fundamentals of investing

Make your money go the extra mile and create passive income by learning the fundamentals of investing.

invest in yourself

Invest in your business by investing in yourself, become a financially savvy business owner that makes strategic decisions based on financial facts.

write your own business plan

Demystify financial jargons, write your own business plan, create and analyze your financial statements, add value to your business.

business finance

Make real progress in your SME business by learning about business finance.

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Are Ponzi Schemes an Investment Option?

Hello Everyone, Lately, there has been a lot of buzz on the MMM investment scheme. A lot of people have been asking my views about MMM, I have even received 11 emails from different  people asking if MMM is an investment option and general advice about the scheme.  I did not plan to do a […]


DIY behaviour ….. 7 reasons why everyone should learn how to sew.

The DIY behaviour in NIgeria has gradually died over the years. I remember growing up, most households had basic tools such as hammer, set of screw drivers,  etc. Most fathers knew how to change a shower head, fix a leaking pipe, repair a power switch, fix a broken furniture, unblock a clogged drain. Our mothers […]


5 common sense things every woman should know about money.

This post is for both single and married women. This is not a feminist post, but my view on what I believe every woman should know and practice especially in this 21st century. I am deeply saddened that a great percentage of women do not understand money and do not have control of their finances. […]

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