5 things I did last week that non-thrifty people may find amusing.

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Last week, I could not withdraw with my atm,apparently my bank didn’t link my BVN to my account even though I personally submitted the form. I was almost left stranded because I had very little cash left for the weekend and I had a lot of expenses that weekend.

My akaglue brain got to work immediately on how to cut all costs to the bearest minimum.

  1. I re-used my ziplock bags. Come to think of it, how come I never tried this in the past and these bags are quite pricey in Nigeria.
  2. I washed my car myself. Sorry Johnson (our security), I know that reduced your expected income by N1,000, but hey I fed you twice to make up for it.
  3. I taught my nanny how to single twist my hair and she did a fantastic job on my hair. That’s N3,000 saved from my supposed salon visit.
  4. I made my daughter’s oatmeal and rice cereal. Sorry gerber, I am just one customer out of millions, I bet you won’t miss me. I simply milled a small pack of uncle ben’s rice and quaker oats. I fortified each meal with crayfish, pure butter and milk.
  5.  I was craving ice cream, then I remembered banana ice cream. Simply dice your bananas, freeze them, and blend at high speed. I added dry powered milk to make it more creamy.

    Feel free to add yours.

20 thoughts on “5 things I did last week that non-thrifty people may find amusing.

    1. Thank you for stopping by duchess. I recently learnt how to wash, condition and deep condition my hair myself. My DIy ministry for this year would be on a higher level.

  1. LOL.. This is so funny…I reuse Ziploc bags all the time. Hubby is always laughing at me sha, but I know how much i save. Please could you send me detailed instructions on how to go about making the baby food, cos I really want to be able to do that.

    Some other tips you can apply: Washing and Conditioning hair yourself. You can even roll and use a hand dryer for drying and style yourself. That’s the entire wash, set and style (basic) process for free. For the past one year, I think I have only gone to the salon for braids….now isn’t that the worst AKAGLUEEEE!!!

    1. @ Bluey702, I have started washing and conditioning my hair too. I learnt a lot from youtube. It’s really easy making baby food. For rice cereal, I use Uncle Ben’s rice, then I dry mill it. For oats cereal, I use Quaker oats. All is same process. For cooking, I simply heat on a sauce pan, allow to cool and fortify as I wish using any of the following, pure butter, crayfish, soya and milk.

  2. Oh! You are one smart lady. 🙂

    I love, love, love the idea of home-made organic meals for children, I dislike all those nutrition-less things in jars and tins. Adding crayfish to your daughter’s oatmeal and rice cereal is such a brilliant way of infusing actual nutrients into her diet.

    Well done!

  3. Wow. Let me first of all say I don’t find any of these amusing so I must be a thrifty person! Anything I can do when time is not an issue, I do myself. It prevents me from paying for services the person might not even render to my taste. Of which I don’t have a lot of money to spend (the life of a student) so I extremely thrifty. It’s even one of my blog themes- Unservile and frugal fashion. I even designed my business cards my self. I think I will enjoy your blog more than I expected, thanks for stopping by mine.


    1. Thank you Ijenna. I totally agree with you, so far I have the time and the required skill, I will do it myself. You designed ur business cards urself? wao, do u mind sharing?

    1. @ Uju, my hair got damaged due to frequent weaves, so my stylist advised I carry my natural hair for a while for it to gain strength. She conditioned and twisted it for me. My bill came to 8k. 5k for the conditioning/treatment, 3k for twisting. That’s some Ish money I am saving. Twisting weekly @ 3k is a lot biko.

    1. lol @ twins. Ha, why have I never thought of washing my hair myself. Thank you for that, heading straight to youtube to learn how to condition my hair myself.

  4. You are exactly my kind of person.
    P.s- you can link it online. Go to gtbank.com-Customer service-Bvn linking portal. Voila! You can make purchases again!

    1. Arh, so u are also a thrifty person. That’s really cool. Feel free to share any tips with us. About the bvn, I have been able to link it. Thank u.

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