7 business lessons I learnt from the movie Joy.

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If you have not seen the movie ‘Joy’, I will encourage you to do so. The movie is based on a true life story of Joy Mangano , a self made inventor and millionaire. When I was much younger, I use to tease my mother on how she falls fast asleep few minutes into watching a movie. Little did I know that I was going to inherit that trait from her. Except I go to the cinema to watch a movie, I am usually fast asleep in less than 30mins into a movie.

It was different with Joy, right from the start I was held spell bond because it was not just another entertaining movie , it was like an entrepreneurship training movie on the trials, disappointments, tenacity and success of a budding entrepreneur . 

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I learnt a lot from the Joy. The  movie showcased a lady who was full of hope, dreams and self discovery. Here are 7 lessons I got from the movie.

1. Dream big: As little girls, most of us had big dreams. Joy had big dreams as a child. She was a dreamer. This year let us dream big, as far as our eyes can see. Anything is possible.

2. Ideas are created when a problem is discovered: Joy invented a self squeeze mop. While cleaning a spill from a broken glass, she cut her palm during the process of squeezing the mop. That was a problem discovered, and she got the idea of inventing a magic mop that would squeeze out by itself without having to use the hand.  Anyone can be a creator if you so desire; our father is the master creator, and as he is so are we. We can create things through inspiration.

3. Pursue your dreams and rediscover yourself : Somewhere along the line in our lives, we lose touch of our dreams and flow with the system of the world. Joy forgot about her dreams at some point and started living the life of another person. This year, let us hold on to those dreams of ours and never let it go. Let us start taking baby steps towards the achievement of our dreams.  It may seem slow at the beginning, but keep moving, you will surely get there.

4.Be bold, persistent and never take no for an answer : Now I know why I never succeeded as a marketer. I was not a persistent person and once you say no to me, I will let you be and never follow up again. Joy was such a bold lady who never accepted defeat, she never accepted a NO for an answer. She was persistent and kept pushing until she achieved her dreams.

5. Being an entrepreneur is not always a smooth sail: There are challenges with being an entrepreneur, Joy failed a number of times but she was a fighter , her suppliers disappointed her, she was treated unfairly when they tried to patent her product behind her back. But she kept picking herself and kept moving. In running your race as an entrepreneur, you will face challenges and that’s where tenacity comes in. No matter how many times you fail and are stretched, pick yourself and keep moving. Keep saying to yourself, ‘ I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me’.

6.Have passion and believe in yourself, believe in the success of your product/idea: Joy had a lot of passion for what she was doing as an inventor. She went ahead to create other problem solving products and built a mega business. Let your passion drive you to succeed. Believe in your ideas and products even if others do not believe in them.

7. Have good advisors as friends: Who are your friends? Who are your advisors? Who do you surround yourself with? Do they have the same vision as you do? Do they believe in your dreams or do they put it down and mock you? Joy had 2 advisors, her ex husband and her best friend. They both believed in her and in her ideas. But at the same time, watch your back because Joy was later backstabbed by her family who sued for the ownership of her business.

If you are an entrepreneur or you want to be one, I would that you watch the movie. And if you have watched it, feel free to share more lessons with us.

Let us all strive to make this year count and be different.

4 thoughts on “7 business lessons I learnt from the movie Joy.

  1. Joy was the first movie I saw this year and indeed very inspiring. To your second point it reminded me of the saying of ‘finding a need and meeting that need’. In that glass breaking moment joy discovered a gap in the market. I also learnt it’s quite easy to let your environment or background influence your thinking, one needs to truly believe in who they are constantly remind yourself of that skill that makes you special! Boy was Joy talented!!! You are the best person to sell your product! Passion easily comes across from the originator of that product. Watching Joy teaches you to evaluate your network! Watching Joy reminds you that as an entrepreneur there are some meetings that YOU have to be in attendance and not let third party represent you. Watching Joy also exemplifies the fact that it’s great to build relationships with people who will end up being competition in future. It’s good to have an ally on the other side of the fence. Watching Joy reminds us that we can do anything only if WE BELIEVE. We need to keep pushing, setbacks shouldn’t kill your passion but inspire you to reach for the prize.


  2. Hi Mrs Thrifty,

    I’ve watched Joy, it is such great movie with a heartwarming happy ending. I was so inspired when I found out that it was based on a real life story.

    There were many positive lessons in the story. Indeed, to succeed in life one must never give up.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

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