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Meet Akaglue

Akaglue started as a blog about my thrifty adventures. I love bargains, investments, taking strategic decisions based on financial facts and multiplying my income.  I love to live a fulfilled life and I dislike to waste money or see it idle. 

I teach on personal and business finance. I am particularly passionate about teaching individuals and SME’s how to be a master over their finances.  I also write on various finance related topics.

Whether you are worried about your expense, savings, better return on investment, separating your personal and business finance, setting up a new business, cashflow and income statements – I will teach and give you real, honest advice using simple financial terms.

My goal is to empower people and SME’s (especially women and women owned businesses) through financial education, helping them make the right financial decision and take charge of their finances.

Most SME business owners are vast in sales & marketing but have little knowledge about their business financials and are intimidated with it. It is my desire to see entrepreneurs who base their strategic decisions based on numbers, I want to see entrepreneurs turn their dream into profitable ventures, I want to see entrepreneurs who are financially competent, confident and in control.

Who am I

My name is Amaka Obehi. I am a personal and business finance coach.  A chartered accountant with over 10 years working experience in various sectors such as FMCG, banking and Logistics. I have a B.Sc in Business Administration and also an M.Sc in International Banking and Finance from the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

 I live in Lagos, Nigeria with my Husband and 3 children.

12 thoughts on “About Akaglue

  1. Hello,

    It was so lovely meeting you yesterday.

    Your blog is so sensible, I have particularly enjoyed reading the “Five things I did last week that non thrifty people may find amusing.” series – There is humour and yet it’s full of financial wisdom too.

    Every kobo saved counts. 🙂

    1. Dear Nedo, it was also very pleasant to meet you on saturday. THank you for taking time to visit my blog. Yes o, every kobo counts. I will work on making ‘Five things I did last week’ a weekly post.

  2. I really learnt a lot by reading through every article here and I must say I have a lot of things to do from now on. I have barely worked for a year but I plan to put in every advice you have given on this blog. Thank you very much.

  3. Good morning, I found your site very interesting. You teach how to be prudent, how do you take care of your dresses such suits, pant trousers, shirts, etc. It is pricey also to dryclean nowadays. Thanks

    1. @ Ronkkis International. Thank you. For your suits, you can hand/machine wash the bottom and give only the jacket to the dry cleaner. For your shirts, you can also hand/machine wash and give it to the dry cleaner to iron it. These should save you some funds.

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