Affordable / Budget friendly Outdoor Experience – Visit Shodex Garden.

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I planned to stay indoors last Saturday because I wanted to rest, sadly I could not achieve this. The weather was so hot and dry, even after a cold shower, I still could not sleep, the fan was at full blast yet the room was so hot, the AC was also not chilling. It was as though the air stood still.

My two toddlers did not even help matters, they kept jumping and throwing toys at me, nudging me to join them in their play. Hubby was studying and also needed some peace, so he asked that I take them to the park so that they can use up their energy.

My first thought was to take them to Kanu Ndubusi Park which is a free entry, you can read about my previous experience at the park HERE, but while driving my mind flashed to the colorful slides which I had seen at Shodex Garden while descending down Anthony bridge. I had always assumed Shodex Garden was a botanical garden so my interest was aroused when I noticed their slides and what seemed to be a zoo.  I changed plans and decided to check the place out.

On getting there, my first positive impression was the organized parking space, and the friendliness of security. I was asked to pay N1,000 for myself and N800 each for my girls. I thought that was a bit expensive but the receptionist assured me that I will get maximum benefit for my money. I looked around and noticed that there was no display of gate fee so I decided to try my luck in haggling, I ended up paying only N1,800 for myself and my first daughter, my second daughter was allowed to go in free.

I had a good time, especially my girls, there was a mini zoo (tortoise, ostrich, baboon, monkeys, crocodile, monitor lizard, goose, ducks, different species of fishes etc), a botanical garden with lots of plants, a swimming pool for adults and another for children, two playing grounds for the children equipped with swings, slides, trampoline and various other entertaining games. I also liked that they had slides for adults so I was not left out in the fun.

Food and drinks are sold there, and they are very affordable. At the end, I did not regret the amount I paid as we really enjoyed ourselves and it was very educational for my daughters especially my first.  So if you stay on the mainland and need an affordable place to take your children to, be sure to visit Shodex Garden.

Enjoy the few pictures I could take.



5 thoughts on “Affordable / Budget friendly Outdoor Experience – Visit Shodex Garden.

  1. Hello Akalue. What an interesting piece you have here.

    Really, your blog is now part of my weekly digest so i know exactly how important it is to me. What baffles me however is how you find time to update it on a weekly bases. Thanks for the lovely piece though and pls do reply my mail when you are chanced. Thanks


    1. Hello Uche, thank you for visiting. I wish I could update more than once a week. I have a full time job, so t’s a struggle for me.

    2. Hello Uche, thank you for visiting. I wish I could update more than once a week. I have a full time job, so it’s a struggle for me.

    1. Hi Darl, thks for visiting. I was shocked to see how big it is. Nice place to relax. I am planning for we “office girls” to bring our kids some day for play. We miss you.

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