How to be an expert haggler.

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I learnt how to haggle from my mother. My mother could beat down the price of an item by more than 60%. I hated going with her to the market, she will spend hours pricing items until she gets the best deal. I used to silently pray that she should not be beaten up in […]

Having a baby on a budget.

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Over the weekend I went to visit a friend. Her cousin and his wife were also visiting  and I met them having a heated argument.  His wife was pregnant and was demanding for N650,000 to enable her buy the needed baby items. The man was lamenting that the amount was more than 2ce his monthly salary and he could not […]

How to revive a dead wig.

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  God bless the inventors of wigs. As a working mum, sometimes I get so  busy and tired that there is no time to make my hair during the weekend. I do not also like  spending long hours at the salon and yes I also dislike spending so much money on weaves, so I love wigs.  I carry my weaves […]

DIY oil spray

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The heat wave in Nigeria have been so bad that the last time I had a weave (Dec. 2014), I was forced to remove it same day because I was so hot and couldn’t stand the sweat. As a thrifty person  I was so pained that I had wasted my money. Anyway, I made up my […]