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 Looking for where to go this weekend? I found a great deal on  dealdey.com

elegushi 1


  • Beach paintball, football, volley ball and picnic fun day out
  • Service comes in two options (Choose one):
    • N2350 (53% Discount) – One person
    • N4400 (56% Discount) – Two persons
  • Beach tents available for fun picnic
  • Comfortable and lovely ambience
  • Body gear provided:
    • Body amours
    • Coveralls
    • Head gear
  • Guns Pod pouch
  • 50 free bullets (extra bullets reload costs N20)
  • Please note, tickets does not cover probable beach gate pass.

I once had a paintball fun day and I paid so much more, so this is really a good deal. So, get ready to get dirty this weekend!

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