DIY behaviour ….. 7 reasons why everyone should learn how to sew.

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The DIY behaviour in NIgeria has gradually died over the years. I remember growing up, most households had basic tools such as hammer, set of screw drivers,  etc. Most fathers knew how to change a shower head, fix a leaking pipe, repair a power switch, fix a broken furniture, unblock a clogged drain. Our mothers would make our hair, mend our cloths. etc.

Due to our busier lifestyle, these skills were not passed to subsequent generations as such the death of DIY in our country. I really do not blame anyone because such labour is quite cheap in NIgeria. This is not the case for people living abroad, they pay a lot for the“se maintenance services  and pride themselves in the act of craftsmanship as such the DIY behaviour is prevalent abroad.

 It is quite shameful that I lack any vocational skill. I cannot sew, neither can I weave or braid hair. I cannot even bake a simple cupcake. My oven has turned to a pot store house. I didn’t see the need since I could easily pay for such services. Now I regret not learning any of such skills especially sewing and weaving of hair. i have 2 daughters so you can imagine the stress of taking them every weekend to get their hair weaved for the school week.

I have added *learning to sew* to my bucket list of things to do this year so I have been searching for were I can do a crash weekend sewing program. Luckily for me I found the Nedoux Sewing Club . She runs a monthly one day sewing workshop. The one day workshop covers the following:

1) Fundamentals of dressmaking process.

2) How to use a sewing machine.

3) The construction process of five garments: a pleated skirt, a gathered skirt, a blouse, a basic shift dress and an off-shoulder dress.

4)  Seam finishing techniques.

5) Using a sewing machine, each participant will sew either a shift dress with a peplum hem or an off-shoulder dress.

I will be attending the October edition, so if you are in Lagos and you wish to learn how to sew in one day, be sure to register . Send an email to or call 08108730803. If you are still in doubt on why you should learn how to sew, here are 7 reasons why you should:

1.) Save time & enjoy the convenience: The time spent looking for a tailor or visiting one can be saved.The convenience of amending my cloths in the comfort of my home. A simple dress amendment and you see me running from tailor to tailor. Many tailors these days do not amend cloths, they all form busy and even if they accept they charge a ridiculous price. Patronise the *Obiomas* to the detriment of your cloth.

2.) Save Cost: You will save plenty cost sewing for yourself. My resolution to learn how to sew became stronger after a recent encounter with my tailor. I took a fabric to make free flowing tops for myself and my 2 girls, NO LINING, NO EMBROIDERY. She charged me N9,000 total, N5,000 for mine and N2,000 each for my girls. I tried to haggle with her but she attributed the price increase to *change*. I told her I could not pay more than N4,000 for us all. I felt this was day light robbery because the style is so simple. Simpler than Iro & Buba.

3.) Avoid disappointment: If a Nigerian tailor has never disappointed you, then you must be really lucky. You give your tailor your dress 6 weeks before the supposed event and yet he/she disappoints. You ask for a round neck and you see a v-neck. Save yourself these disappointments and join me to learn how to sew.

4.) Revamp old cloths & create unique styles: You can revamp your old cloths and turn them as good as new. Add nice net material to a sleeveless dress, stone/embellish a simple blouse etc. I will be resuming work very soon and I wish I could revamp a number of my old wears which are still wearable but sadly I am tired of.

5.) Home decor : You can easily add some vavavoom to your house if you know how to sew. I saw really nice ankara throw pillows and curtains that my friend made for her home. It changed the ambience of their living room. You can make such for your home too including slip covers, flower vases, pot holders, beds heets & pillow cases etc.

6.) Brings out creativity: I noticed most people that know how to sew get creative making other stuffs. If you have kids you can make nice hair ribbons, custom outfits for your kids etc.

7.) Sense of achievement: There is this feeling of accomplishment one gets when you achieve something for yourself.  Seeing your hand made cloths will give you that feeling.

Did I miss any reason? Feel free to add yours in the comment section, also share your sewing disappointments with us.



22 thoughts on “DIY behaviour ….. 7 reasons why everyone should learn how to sew.

  1. i love your blog and this article. The DIY culture is fading really. That’s why i have forced myself to learn how to plait hair. So that when i have daughters, i can make her hair myself. I have been to the salon this year only twice, i weave my hair, treat it myself. I have saved lots of money.
    Methinks i should add sewing to my DIY list for next year.

    1. Dear Tosin,

      Thank you for liking my blog. You are so lucky to be able to make hair. You can’t even begin to imagine the kind of stress you will safe yourself when you have daughters. You should include sewing to your 2017 list.

  2. Iv e been stalking your blog from a distance.
    I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew, but where is the time? No time.
    I even got a machine as a birthday gift from my mum who really wants me to learn.
    I can do a few things sha, but I want to learn how to cut well or do patterns well.

    Your reasons are very valid. In fact I recently collected all the clothes I gave to a Tailor when my bill was said to be 28k. That’s aside 11k I had paid for a few oh. Abeg, I gave myself brain.

    1. Oh my Tamie,

      I am so sorry for not approving your comments on time. 28K!, thats a lot. How many pieces of material did you give your tailor?

      I am sure there are weekend tailoring classes you can register for. Year 2017 is around, you should include dress making as part of your goals.

      1. The 28k was meant for two materials (two gowns oh..)
        I had fabric for one and needed about 4yrds of fabric for the other.

        I sure will up my dress making skills

  3. Practically just went through your entire blog now.. so much info and wisdom, i just downloaded an app to keep track of my spending.. i’ll surely be back..thank you so much dr.. as for sewing, not really had the time, but ill be graduating next week, so i’m planning to learn how to sew before i go for my internship, i have so many clothes tailors have ruined and that i can’t wear, thanks so lucky to have found your blog.

  4. #2 and #3 are enough reasons for me to learn how to sew. I gave 2 tailors a fabric each for 2 weddings that were to hold the same weekend. I ended up wearing clothes I previously had because I was disappointed. I started learning how to sew a couple of weeks back and it’s been an amazing experience.

    1. I can’t wait to experience that feeling of achievement when I make my first outfit. Tailors and disappointments are like bread and butter.

  5. So glad i came across your blog via Nedoux, i recently signed up for a weekend six month sewing training. Seems that is where all our money is going these days oh, loolz. Most of my colleagues got married this year, and you can imagine sewing for myself, hubby and baby.. I wish i lived in Lagos, learning how to sew would have been faster through Nedoux training.

    1. Hello Oyinkan, thank you for visiting. I wish I had the time to go to fashion school. I am so glad about the one day training from Nedoux, at least I will learn the basics and make simple tops ND amendments. Imagine me having to sew for myself,hubby and our 3 kids. That’s a lot of money. Thank God I wear simple designs. Am sure I will do well at making my cloths and children’s own. Keep visiting.

  6. Fantastic reasons to learn how to sew. my arms couldnt pass through the sleeves of my dress for my brother’s wedding. Everyone thought I was doing nyanga no one would have guessed why my shoulders and arms were rais d the way they were. Moral-Not all peacocks with a display of feathers are showing off.

    1. OMG, I am laughing so hard. Oh no, I can imagine the discomfort and how awkward you felt. If you knew how to amend, it would have been so easy to work a magic on the sleeves.

  7. Hi Amaka,

    I sincerely appreciate the kind mention.

    You’ve raised 7 valid points and I agree wholeheartedly with you. The way I see it, vocational skills add to to one’s skill set and it’s a plus, not a minus.

    There’s a sense of fulfillment and self-sufficiency that comes from DIY-ing, the best part of all is that one also acquires a thrifty entrepreneurial mindset.

    My tailor (before I learned to sew) almost showed me “pepper” one day, but she redeemed the situation and I was happy. I showed up to collect my aso-ebi dress the day before the wedding, and to my utmost surprise the fabric was still untouched inside the nylon bag that I dropped it in nearly 4 weeks ago.

    Thankfullly, she performed her magic and sewed it before I left her shop. XD

    1. Hello Nedo, Lucky you that ur tailor redeemed the situation. I had a bitter experience and I ended up tieing the fabric on my chest like an edo bride. Well I was much younger then and can’t pull that styke again. i have had to miss a wedding cos my tailor disappointed. I am so glad to learn under ur tutelage come Oct. 15th.

  8. Like you said, the DIY culture is fading. It may start coming back because of the economy. I had to learn quite a few things growing up since labor is expensive abroad.

    #4 is an excellent reason to go. I’ve heard too many stories that touch the heart when it comes to tailors. ☹

    1. Hi Uzoma, you are so right. The economy is turning a lot of people back to the DIY behavior. Lucky you that you have some skills.

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