DIY popsicles – Easy and Cheap.

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lolly pop

 Trying to cool down on a hot afternoon, these easy to make popsicles are so refreshing. Kids love it cause it’s refreshing and satisfies their sweet tooth, mummies love it because they are easy to make and cheap! 

 Things you need

  1. Any juice of your choice. (I used orange).
  2. Ice cube tray.
  3. Toothpicks.

Step 1: Pour in your juice into the ice trays.

Step 2: Put the tray in the freezer.

Step 3: After about 15/20mins, the juice should be molten, stick a toothpick into each individual ice cube.

Step 4: Return into the freezer for another hour or till when completely frozen.

Step 5: Enjoy your home made popsicles.



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