Earn Extra Income this year with 4 corners alliance group.

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In the past I have talked about saving money, investing, cutting costs but making money is also so key. Making money and reducing costs actually go hand in hand. This year, I have decided to join the league of people earning more money through passive income, and network marketing is one of such method that I want to tap into.  I know 3 of my friends that are earning well on multi level marketing, infact 2 of them are into it full time.

The painful thing is that we all joined together  during our NYSC period but  I wasn’t serious and aggressive as they were simply because I got a job right after NYSC and got satisfied with how much I was earning. To be honest, I kinda envy them now, they work from home and have time for their families. Each time they present to me a new MLM opportunity , I shy away because I didn’t like the products being sold and I wasn’t ready to take the risk of investing some 60k/150/200k in a business.

However, when they presented me with the opportunity of four corners alliance, I was interested for 4 reasons:

1.) Their product: Four corners alliance products are financial literacy ebooks. They have 32 ebooks covering on investment, binary options, hedge & options trading, budgeting, smart financial mindset, debt management. etc. So while gaining financial knowledge, I will also be earning money. You do not however have access to all the books at once but as you move up in level.

2.) The price: There is only a one off fee of $18 (approximately N5,400) This is quite cheap compared to other MLM businesses. So I said to myself, what is the risk involved, only N5,400 which you will definitely earn back once you start recruiting people.  All future ebook sales will be taken care of by the income you have earned.

3) The process and payment plan : Their process is so simply, no ambiguity, no back orders, no physical product to carry about to sell and one starts earning right away. All you have to do is recruit 4 people and encourage them to do same, so your team and pyramid continues to grow. You earn $4 for everyone you recruit and from their down liners also. The exciting part is when you get to level 3, your earnings increase to $10. See the compensation plan below.


4) Four Corners Alliance is still pretty new in Nigeria and the market is not yet over saturated and one of the success factors of MLM is to join the train early.

So if you are looking to earn additional income this year, this is a good opportunity. I have researched the company and they are real, no scam involved. You can visit their website HERE.  You will get your own back office where you can monitor your earnings and download your ebooks. Withdrawing your cash is also easy and our Nigerian debit cards work well.

I know a lot of people have joined network marketing companies in the past and have failed. But let’s be honest, did we recruit people? I have joined 3 in the past, and I was never able to recruit anyone. The enrollment fee was high and people were not willing to join, after 1/2 weeks I gave up because I lacked the zeal and tenacity. But with Four corner alliance, the enrollment fee is so affordable and that makes recruitment so easy.

I invite you to join my winning community on 4 corners alliance click HERE to watch a short video presentation and click HERE to register with me. If you need any further explanation, kindly drop a comment with your email and I will get across to you or send me an email amakaobehi@gmail.com.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Earn Extra Income this year with 4 corners alliance group.

    1. Hi dear, it’s quite straight forward. Invite 4 people and encourage them to do the same. The product being sold are ebooks. I will send u a mail to explain further.

  1. Oh yes, I know about the 4Corners group and their success story is truly mind-boggling! I’ve never had even d slightest interest in any form of MLM/Network marketing whatsover all these years, but ALL it took was just a 5 mins phone-call from my Upliner last week & I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt! Why?? It’s soooo Easy & overly Affordable!!! $18 (barely N5300) from 4 people for Financial Literacy E-Books! In addition to a very Simple, Straightforward, Easy-to-understand, Too-good-to-be-true process; What’s there not to Love?? My Upliner just cashed her N1million in less than a month & that’s sure my own target before month end. FANTASTIC article Amaka & big Thanks for bringing this to d public-domain! And for d doubting-Thomases or overly-Analytical (as I was before), just think again & simply ask yourself “What can I really do/achieve with just $18”?? Irrespective of our present day exorbitant exchange rates, it’s still less than a mere N5,400! Nothing to Lose, but a whole whole LOT to gain if u ask me. WELL DONE Akaglue!!!

    1. Oh wao, N1 million in a month. Choi, people are making silent money. You are so right about being over analytical about MLM’s. Thank you Ndonwa.

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