Experience Financial Freedom in this New Year 2017.

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2016 was a fantastic year for me and my family and I am so grateful to God Almighty. As a personal finance coach, I receive mails from various people weekly and each time I feel crushed when I see people struggle with their finances. As we start year 2017 I will like to share a few thoughts on Financial freedom, gratitude and contentment.

Financial freedom can mean different things to different people but I like to define it as the ability to be at peace with money and not struggle. It is not necessarily about being rich but it is the ability to settle all your bills without struggling. So for example, if your car breaks down, you know you can repair it without sweating and having a major meltdown.

While money is very critical for our wellbeing, many place too much importance to it. Our thoughts,believes and fears about money can lead us to make bad financial decisions. Many people are so caught with keeping up with the Jones that they are never able to enjoy what they currently have. Envy of others and greed cripple their ability to be thankful for what they have.

While it’s perfectly normal for one to crave to achieve more in life, it becomes destructive when one cannot see the achievements but will rather focus on what they don’t have. This unhealthy money attitude results from insecurities and low self esteem as they feel they have not arrived until they can compare favorable with others.

In 2017, do not be trapped in the never ending quest to acquire more, create contentment by having an attitude of gratefulness. While working on increasing your earnings, live within your means at your current level. Refuse to be indebted in 2017! Refuse to live paycheck to paycheck! Refuse to develop worry wrinkles due to cash flow problems! Refuse to be broke in 2017! Focus on necessities in 2017. Learn to say no.

You must not attend all the weddings you are invited for, you must not buy all the Asoebis, you must not dress to kill at the detriment of your income, you must not use an iPhone 7, you must not ride an Uber everywhere you go, you must not eat out all the time, you must not live at that highbrow area which you clearly cannot afford, you must not shop at that high end boutique when you know deep down that your level is idumota market, your kids must not drink enfamil and use huggies snug and dry!  your kids must not attend the schools with exorbitant fees which you have to take a loan to pay, many of us attended normal schools and are doing very well. More expensive does not necessarily mean better.

Stop comparing yourself with others in 2017. Live a life of gratitude and contentment.We have another 365days to run with in this year,make everyday count.

God bless you and a very happy new year.

2 thoughts on “Experience Financial Freedom in this New Year 2017.

  1. Fantastic reminder to adjust so as to reach targets set. In December it was tough trying not to go overboard with spending and all the gifts that have to be given. Lesson was to plan for December months ahead deliberately. Justifying splurging on end of year sales has been funny. Long and short better than buying full price…..

    1. Happy new year dear. I understand the splurging that happens at year end as such January for me its always a month of cleansing and no spend. I spend only on necessities! May this year be a great one for us all.

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