Are you a financial adviser/planner?

No, I am not a financial adviser/planner. I am a personal and business finance coach. I provide guidance, steps, and encouragement on how to achieve your personal and business financial goals. I teach on savings, investments, cash flows, budget, breakeven points, business value addition and waste analysis, writing feasibility studies, I do not sell investments or insurance or any financial product; however I can offer my unbiased opinion about different financial products.

What do you cover under personal finance coaching?

Our sessions are either specific or general depending on which you sign up for. I will have a comprehensive overview of your entire financial plan and focus on specific trouble spots.
Areas I have worked with various clients include:
-General assessment of your financial health.
-Goal setting and plan creation.
– Personal and Family Budget.
-Savings 101
– Investment plans and insurance
– Understanding cash flow
– Debt reduction plan.
– Compound interest and retirement savings.

What do you cover under business finance coaching?

I love to share my knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs. With my small business clients, we work on the following:
– Separating your business as a going entity.
– Writing / evaluating your business plans
– Understanding and preparing cash flow, income statements, statement of financial position.
– Analyzing your business financials.
– Business value addition and waste management.
– Establishing profitability and break even points.
-Business funding.
– Growing business savings and eliminating business debt

How do you run your coaching sessions?

I have various packages:
– 60 mins online coaching through one hour Skype sessions.
– I also run monthly financial mastery classes.
– Online courses..


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