Five things I did last week that non thrifty people may find amusing.

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Thrifty pix -I cut open my toothpaste at the end and scooped the hidden remains. (Don’t deny it, am sure you have done this at some point in your life).

– The night before, I turned my body lotion upside down , so that the remaining lotion drains down.

-I stepped on and battered my empty can of insecticide so as to get out the last bit of spray. (This trick also works with body sprays too, you will be shocked at how much spray comes out after you stump on the can).

-I recycled the smoked fish head that I used to cook by first drying it, then I blended it. This powered smoked fish gives an amazing flavor to your dishes. (Most people throw theirs away, please don’t anymore, learn to recycle like AKAglue).

-I bought commercial ice blocks to keep my deep freezer cool. (Well, we usually power the deep freezer with the generator, but due to fuel scarcity, I had to think of ways to conserve fuel). So share with us, what thrify things did you do last week?

2 thoughts on “Five things I did last week that non thrifty people may find amusing.

  1. I packed my car at home and choose to transport myself to and from work via public transport. I spent less while at the same time conserved my energy from the mad Apapa traffic.

    1. @Yemmie, that was a very smart thing to do. We can’t be burning and wasting fuel during this fuel crisis.

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