How to revive a dead wig.

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IMG_20150519_074201  God bless the inventors of wigs. As a working mum, sometimes I get so  busy and tired that there is no time to make my hair during the weekend. I do not also like  spending long hours at the salon and yes I also dislike spending so much money on weaves, so I love wigs.

 I carry my weaves for a timed period (couple of weeks), sadly I had to remove my weave over the weekend because it was smelly (exhaust fume) and dusty from the whole Apapa traffic stress of last week. You can read about it here. night I still hadn’t made my hair so I resolved to rock my wig all through the week. Then I remembered I gave out 2 of my best wigs and the only wig I had was worn out. I was desperate because it was already too late to get to the salon. I started researching on how to revive a dead wig, and was pleased to stumble on the boiling method. So here you go.

Things you need.

  1. Wig
  2. Leave in conditioner / shear butter
  3. Rollers

                                              Step 1: Detangle the wig

IMG_20150517_125655step 2: Roll the wig around the rollers.

Step 3: Add leave in conditioner or shear butter to a pan of water and bring to boil. (I used shear butter).

Step 4: If its a synthetic wig, immerse into the pan of boiling hot water for 2-3minutes, but if its a human hair wig boil on low heat for about 15mins.

Step 5: Leave to air dry over night.


IMG_20150517_143322Step 6: Remove the rollers when wig is fully dried and style as desired.

So, next time your wig has lost it’s va-va-vroom, don’t be quick to throw it away, revive it and save your self some money!

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  1. Way to go Amaka! I read through most of the blog on my first visit. Very informative and entertaining. Love it. I hope it gets even better.

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