My Ferry Experience.

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If you live and work in Lagos, then you are used to the traffic situation. However, Apapa has a special kind of traffic. I work in Apapa, and what we experience in Apapa is called a gridlock. It is  not the normal lagos moving traffic, it is a complete lock down of the road and all intersections. Imagine being on one spot for hours, surrounded by oil tankers, trailers and their containers that can fall at any moment. This is the kind of traffic that we have been experiencing in Apapa for the past 2 weeks. 

On a good day, from my house to work is approximately 15-20 mins but any time there is a lock down, I spend 3/4 hours on Ijora bridge just to get to work. Sometimes, I park my car at a public car park and trek to work, but the distance is so long that I am usually so tired and sweaty by the time I get to work. Some of my colleagues take a bike to get to work, but I am so scared of riding a bike on the bridge and it is quite expensive. In this period of fuel scarcity, they charge as high as N1,000 just to get you across Ijora Apapa bridge.

As an AKAglue, I am always looking for good deals/alternatives, and in my quest for a cheap, safe alternate way to commute to work, I discovered that there is a Jetty at CMS, Lagos and various private companies  run ferry transportation services. The ferries ply various routes as CMS-Apapa, CMS-Victoria Island, CMS-Ikorodu. etc. I was a bit skeptical the first day, but on getting there I was impressed at how organized they were.

There are two main Ferry company that plies the CMS-Apapa route, Texas Connection Ferry Service and Sea Coach Ferry Service. They both charge N150 only for a trip and both provide you with a life jacket which you must put on before entering the ferry.

The Texas Connection has 2 big ferry coaches with a capacity of 80 passengers, their ferries are neat and the seats well padded. The journey was slow but steady and took about 7 minutes .

The Sea coach has various new ferries, they are more like speed boats, smaller in capacity and much faster. The journey was fast, bumpy and took about 4 minutes.

I enjoyed both rides, but I will be sticking to the slow steady Texas Connection Coach Ferry.

Are you tired of driving/ sitting in traffic? You may want to try water transportation. Please note that there are so many locals that offer water transportation, however their ferries are more like canoes and not upto standard. Kindly stay clear of those.

sea coach
inside the sea coach ferry



Texas connection coach
cross section of texas connection

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  1. Oh wow! This is so interesting and impressive! Very informative too… Didn’t know they’ll be this neat, organised and stress-free. Hope there’s more publicity on these, as Lagosians do need to be more aware. Kudos for sharing!

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