My Thrifty Fun Saturday

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 I work really hard Monday – Friday, so most weekends, I like to reward  myself  with an outdoor fun activity. Am glad my hubby is on the same boat  with me. The  thing is, I love to go to new places and that can be costly. As an  AKAGLUE, I have  learnt over the years to have fun without having to pay so  much.

 I discovered a park at Alausa Ikeja, ‘Kanu Ndubusi park’. I drove past it  sometime in April and I was super excited to discover that it was free entry  park.  I marked it down in my diary as my next place to explore.  So, last  weekend I told  my hubby about it and he was game for us to go with the  kids.

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For the adults, there is a basket ball court, a table tennis board, table soccer. etc. (Sorry, I couldn’t take pictures of them).

There is a gazebo where people can sit and eat, there are also two restaurants at the park, so you may chose not to bring in your food.  Since this was a budget outing and we were not going to eat out, I brought some finger snacks, fresh juice and water.  Sadly we ran out of water and I decided to buy from one of the restaurants. My intense thirst vanished the moment I was told a 75ml bottle of water costs N150. Hubby wanted to go ahead to buy, but as an AKAGLUE, I refused and insisted we manage till we get home.

In all, we had a good time.

Are you looking for a decent, budget place to go to? Visit the Kanu Ndubusi Park and come back to thank me.


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  1. just stumbled on your blog today! Quite some insightful stuff here and i have learnt a few handy tips… Thanks for sharing info on this park i have driven past it but never paid much attention. Will visit with the children soon 🙂

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