Random Rant – Why is CWAY refill water sold at N400/bottle.

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Hello Everyone, the past week has been very busy for me. I have draft posts on 6 different articles sitting in my folder but I have not had time to complete or let me just confess, I have been too lazy to complete them. So instead of tackling my brain on technical matters, I decided to do a fun post on random rant.  This rant has actually been on my mind for the past 2 months.

Water is a free gift from God, water is life and our bodies are made up of 70% water. To have a water bottling business, you need a borehole which is a one off cost, yes I know they have workers to pay, additives to buy, power bills and taxes to pay etc,  but the fact still remains that the main raw material which is water is locally sourced and is priced at next to nothing.

These companies are making huge margins. It is just the purified water that you selling to me, I am not paying for packaging since the bottles have been bought already by me and are being recycled. CWAY currently sells at N400/per bottle, while other brands sell at N350/per bottle. I use about 3/4 bottles weekly so do the maths and you will understand my rant.

CWAY refill used to sell for N250/per bottle, then they increased to N300/per bottle, then to N350/per bottle and now N400/per bottle. They recently even introduced  the classic drinking water which goes for N500/bottle.  CWAY why now? And they even use their bottles to advertise their other products. See marketing strategy.

A bottle of dispensable water is 19 liters, while  a bag of pure water is between 10 – 12 liters and it sells at N120/bag, 2 bags will be N240 and that will be between 20 -24 liters depending on the brand.  Pure water has packaging cost while dispensable water has no packaging cost because the bottles are recycled. From this my simple analysis, a bottle (both CWAY & other brands) should cost not more than N250/bottle.

At the rate at which these water bottling companies are increasing their price, very soon the price will hit N600/per bottle. Or is the dollar rate affecting the chemicals they use in the purification process?  I hope it does not degenerate to us importing cheaper drinking water from China since the price of locally purified water is getting expensive.

Growing up we had a very large kettle with which we boil tap water, allow to cool, then fill the bottles and refrigerate. None of us ever had typhoid fever, I am tempted to go back to those days.

Dear, CWAY and other water bottling companies, if per chance you happen to read my rant, kindly reverse your prices. Thank you.

Rant over. Pheww!!!


4 thoughts on “Random Rant – Why is CWAY refill water sold at N400/bottle.

  1. In my family, we still do the boiling water thing. My dad was tempted to get a dispenser once but when he saw one being filled opposite out house with a pipe, he changed his mind.
    Interesting rant. I personally don’t plan to buy dispenser water or pure water or bottled water and follow tradition.
    But I don’t know my future.

    1. Hello hrh7, I should even update this post. CWay water is now 450. Phew. I have decided to stop complaining about the rise in cost in everything rather I am creating new ways to make more money. I have heard gory stories about people filling these bottles from dirty sources. God help us.

  2. Hi Mrs. Thrifty,

    How’ve you been? I enjoyed reading your rant. 😀

    We don’t have a water dispenser, and purchase cartons of bottled water. CWAY is more economic in comparison to this.

    Lol… Everyone including the tomato sellers in the market is now using the rising dollar exchange rate as an excuse for inflated prices.

    It sounds funny but there will be an inevitable trickle-down effect that eventually hits those who are not directly in the line of fire like the importers. I hope the Naira improves soon.

    1. Hello Nedo,this Naira/dollar exchange is getting out of hand. Black market today is at N352/$1. Please do you guys own a water bottling company? That’s some expense o. lol @ tomato sellers.

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