Things that make me wonder.

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Growing up I used to be an introvert, I know this will be hard for some people to believe because I am now the complete opposite. I have gradually metamorphosed into an extrovert. I can talk nonstop and can easily start up a conversation. One down side to this new me, is that I am now quite blunt.

In the past I used to keep my opinions and thoughts to myself, but these days I have to consciously hold in myself least I over talk and hurt people.  

Often times, I am amazed about an event, or happening or at people’s action and I wonder, “how did that happen” or “what exactly were they thinking” .  So, here is my fun post on things that make me wonder and shake my head.

  1. How do people go to sleep and function daily knowing that they owe people money. They act normal around you, share pictures of their spends and outings on their social media platform.
  2. Why do people complain that they are broke, but yet are the first set of people to purchase unnecessary things on credit.
  3. Why do we have to use really expensive phones, yet we only get to use 30-40% of the phone’s functions.
  4. Why do the sweet tasty food make us fat while the bitter boring food make us healthy.
  5. Why do people blame the CBN governor and the FG for the decline on Naira, yet complain when their daily spending limit was reduced.  For Naira to gain grounds, we need to reduce our demand on foreign currency. Let’s help the government build a better Nigeria.
  6. Why are most Nigerians angry people.
  7. Why do people watch, fight and bet on foreign football clubs, when these clubs do not offer them anything in return. I understand it may be for entertainment purpose, but why bet and lose huge money on them.
  8. Why would any normal lady, agree to be a side chick knowing that there is a main one.
  9. Why are our Nigerian celebs having baby mama’s everywhere, are they not scared of STD’s.
  10. Why do the Nurses wake you up a thousand times at night when on hospital admission yet ask you in the morning, “Did you have a good night sleep”.

Feel free to add yours in the comment section. I am also nominating my blogger friends berrydakara and nedoux to also share on what makes them wonder.

4 thoughts on “Things that make me wonder.

  1. Hi Mrs. Thrifty,

    You are hilarious, I am laughing and typing this comment. XD

    Things that make me wonder:

    1. Why is it that people with body and mouth odour do not notice their unpleasant smell?

    2. Why is it that some ladies with receding hairlines continue to braid their hair?

    3. Why is it that Nigeria has crude oil in abundance but still has occasional bouts of fuel scarcity?

    4. Why is it that Nigerians are so forgetful, a politician steals money, EFCC exposes them, we get angry, then we forget and re-elect them into yet another political office.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    1. Nedoux, infact eh Number 4, receive e-hugg. We elected Jonathan and complained he was too cold towards corruption, now Buhari we are agitating that he is after the corrupt officials. We need prayers in this country. Happy weekend dear.

    1. lol. Some of their accents may be real though. And if u interact often with people with accents, u tend to develop one. Thank u for visiting Praise.

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