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IMG_20150221_133319 Shirt dresses are currently in fashion, and as a nursing mother I am always on the look out for cloths that allow for convenient nursing. However, the thing about casual cloths for me, is that I don’t like spending too much on them because I only get to wear them a few times during the year . (I work five times a week in a corporate environment that doesn’t permit casual dressing).

 Having convinced myself that I need a shirt dress , I went online searching for one.  Sadly, my search was not very fruitful because the least I saw was priced for N6,500 and  my budget was less than N5,000. As a savvy spender, I try as much as possible to always stick to my budget. See my related POST on it. I decided to try out my luck with PEP. I discovered pep stores in 2013 when my first daughter was growing like fertilizer, she was only 13 months and had outgrown all her 18-24 months clothing. I needed a quick bridge before the cloths I ordered for her arrived. Children’s clothing are quite pricey in Nigeria. (Why should I buy a Jeans trouser for a 13months old toddler @ N4,000).

Anyway back to my epistle, I decided to try out PEP and I was so happy to discover that they had shirt dresses in stock at a very pocket friendly price of N2,150.  The fabric was pure cotton and it was so soft. I so love this dress, that I have over rocked it. I have worn and washed it over 7 times within a period of 6 months and the material is still as good as new.

PEP reminds me of Primark in UK. They have a wide range of items ranging from kids & adult clothing, foot wares, household items. etc. So, if you live in Nigeria and you are looking for a decent, pocket friendly store, be sure to try out PEP.

Have you discovered any thrifty stores in Nigeria? Do share with us.

20 thoughts on “Thrifty Fashion

  1. Thanks alot for this, i had the mindset that PEP didnt have any good quality stuffs, but i will sure check them out again. Thanks. Please anyone with more info on thrifty stores we are waiting.

    1. The truth is PEP can have some really low quality stuffs. But then if u have good eyes, u can sniff out some stuffs. They also sell some basoc househould stuff.

  2. … Hello there,

    I think the likes of Mr Price would have been considered a thrifty store if perhaps they are not situated in high-brow malls where they probably expend a fortune on rents and rates.

    PEP is doing well as you can find them in almost every nook and cranny of Lagos State now.

    1. @lexiansoul, very true on Mr. PRICE. They can be considered trifty. I got a really nice jeans gown from them when they were on sales. I agree that because their stores are located in malls, so they tend to pass on the high rental charges to consumers.

  3. Spot on babe…one should never spend too much on casuals except ofcourse you don’t ever have to dress corporate. You can get good sweaters,sweat shirts ,warm clothes generally for children n adults for this weather at PEP, also at affordable prices. Thumps up

    1. @ gaty. Thank u. Yes o, but for now, I will glady advertise for free so as to get info across to my readers.

  4. Aka glue you are right on this. The whole reason they are called casual clothes is the fact they are worn casualy and not to black tie events hence spending a fortune on them is very unnecessary. Lol@primark, my dear you can even stock up on asda George and the likes as these kids grow by the second and most times mess up these clothes from Day1. Imagine buying a gap casual outfit and ur child decides that muddy floor is the best sleeping area.

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