Thrifty things I did over the Christmas & New year holiday.

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  1. I am a strong believer that Christmas is a time of giving as such I usually don’t plan for a thrifty Christmas / New year holiday, however due to our overblown holiday budget (read about it HERE) and a set back I had on my savings during the year 2015 (read about it HERE ) we decided to be mindful of our spending during the holidays.

Forgive me for sharing these tips after the holiday, they can actually be applied not just for Christmas but for any other holiday.

  1. I didn’t let the media influence my decision and tell me how to spend my Christmas. I ignored all adverts showcasing various shows and events. We spent the Christmas period with our extended family, we cooked all our meals, no eating out or going to some fancy restaurant. It was a nice family time with my in-laws. Beautiful memories were created, we watched a lot of movies, played indoor games and we bonded as a family.

  2. I made our Christmas gift hampers instead of buying already made hampers. I made each of the hampers for about 80% the normal price I buy them.  It was so easy to make and they turned out beautiful. Sorry I do not have pictures of them. Shopping for the items and packing them took me less than 4 hours.
  3. I play mother Christmas to a lot of people during December, I know a lot of people were expecting cash & gifts from me and I resisted the urge to meet all their expectation at my own detriment. At some point, I wanted to save my face and ditch out money and gifts in my usual manner but then I prayed about it, restrained myself and gave within my capability as the spirit led. There is absolutely no shame in saying NO to people.

  4. Beach Beach Beach! oh what a cheap way to have outdoor fun. After staying at home for couple of days, we wanted outdoor fun, so we went to the beach. There are so many private beaches in Lagos now. I didn’t want us to go to Elegushi because it has been overcome with touts, too rowdy and also dirty. La campagne Tropicana beach was also going to shoot our budget up and I wasn’t ready for us to drive all the way there. After asking around and researching, we discovered Atikan beach, by Abraham Adesanya Ajah. Gate fee was only N1,000. You should check it out and thank me late. I cooked all our meals and we came with our drinks also.
  5. I didn’t buy any Christmas decorations instead I hung the Christmas cards that we received, It looked nice and orderly. Also there were no fancy Christmas dresses for myself and our kids. We wore what we had and we looked awesome.

I had a beautiful holiday, how was your holiday? Feel free to share more thrift holiday ideas with us.


5 thoughts on “Thrifty things I did over the Christmas & New year holiday.

  1. Christmas is the time when people assume that one is Ms. Santana Claus. At every corner, one is hit with “Aunty, Merry Christmas, anything for us?”. Lol

    I hadn’t heard of Atikan beach before now, thank you for sharing this information. The N1k gate fee sounds great.

    I had a restful holiday. 🙂

    1. Arh, Nedo u should visit Atikan beach. Lovely,peaceful,and neat. Maybe we should even have a bloggers meet and great day there oneday.

  2. Really nice! I also did not overspend or “dash” money out in the name of Christmas. Abeg, Jesus died for greater stuff biko. 🙂

    I tagged along my siblings all through the holidays. #IntrovertAlert
    And of course, sadly gained weight. #GymTime

    How did you construct those wooden hampers? Or did you buy the already made ones?

    1. Lol@ Jesus died for greater stuff. I think holiday weight gain is inevitable, I was mostly indoors and added a whooping 4kg over a period of 2 weeks. I bought the wooden baskets ready made.

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