Tip of the day – Add sugar to get rid of the sour taste when using tin tomato for stew

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72b0a7_tip-of-the-dayI recently learnt this tip from one of my readers (shout out to Emem).   In one of my previous post, I had complained about the sudden hike in price of fresh tomatoes. A lot of people have been switching to using tin tomato and suggested same to me, unfortunately the sour/acidic taste discourages me from using it as a substitute to fresh tomato.

Emem was kind enough to share this tip in the comment section and I decided to make it a post in-case any of my dear readers missed it. 

I was a bit sceptical initially but I decided to try it. I used lots of onions to fry the tin tomato and after about 15/20mins, I added a quarter teaspoon of sugar together with other ingredients. The result was great and I loved it.  Too bad I didn’t take any picture as we devoured it before I remembered to take the picture. I will be making a bigger pot this weekend.

Note that just a little sugar is needed, you don’t want to turn your stew to ketchup.

Got any more home saving tips? Feel free to share.

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