Want a budget thrilling outdoor experience – Apapa Amusement Park.

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I was indoors for most part of the holidays and as an outdoor person I got a bit bored and was itching for a thrilling experience. I heard of a new amusement park on the outskirts of Lagos and planned to visit with my family over the weekend.

My hubby asked that I call to find out the entrance fee per person, I was reluctant to call and told him it should not cost more than N5,000 / N6,000 per person. Dear hubby insisted I call to confirm and I got the shock of my life, N15,000/ person, exclusive of accommodation, food and drinks. Do the maths, 4 adults + 2 children = over N70,000.

That price for one day of thrill was too high and I was not going to allow my hubby to part with such amount.  I went online and started searching for options. I was happy to discover that the Apapa amusement park had been refurbished and was in full operation.

It was an awesome experience, there were rides for both adult and children, all rides are neat and functional, friendly staff and pocket friendly, large parking lot. The food and drinks are a bit on the high side, nothing exorbitant but if you want to save cost, you may want to bring your food or better still eat at home and just come with drinks and snacks. Bringing your food in will cost N2,000. I also noticed a lot of people eating in their car.

Breakdown of costs are as follows:

Packing fee  – N200

Gate fee  – Nill

Ride fee – N400/ride. ( Except for 7d cinema which is N800, and one other super scary ride that is N1,200).

Ice cream -N200/cone.

Popcorn – N200/bag.

There are a number of convenient stores around where you can buy candies, water, drinks etc.

Note: You cannot pay in cash for the rides, you buy tickets which is N400/ticket, however it is cheaper to buy a booklet which consists of 10 tickets at N3,800.

I am not a good at taking pictures, however I am working on improving on my skills.

Enjoy the pictures .




8 thoughts on “Want a budget thrilling outdoor experience – Apapa Amusement Park.

  1. Smart woman! Your daughters had a fun day.

    I heard about that new amusement park too, and when I heard the N15k entrance fee, my jaw dropped open. Just like that! 😀

    Ah! This post reminds me of my childhood, Apapa amusement park was such a big deal back then. I am so glad that it is so well maintained.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. When I called to get the gate fee, and she told me the price. I had to say to her, ‘pls get serious’. For the first seconds, I could not recover from the shock. I also have lovely childhood memories of Apapa amusement park. I also d long queues just to get on a ride.

      1. Let me start with saying. I like your blog….its different and unique (budget, personal finances mangement bla bla).

        However, that park whose name we can’t mention is cheaper than the 15,000 price. It seems expensive until you have been there (note 15k is only for peak period)..off-peak is 10k).

        I went there with my 2 year old daughter (it was free for her age)…and i had the best time of my life…The unique thing here (unlike the park you visisted is that you pay once and can go for AS MANY TIMES as you like on any ride…and the rides are soooooo many and diverse…

        I can only compare this to my Disney Paris experience…even that one didnt meet up because you are charged per ride except you buy a day pass which still limits you from some rides.

        P/S: I dont work for them,….I am not paid to make this post

        1. Hi 9jachic, thank you for visiting my blog. I guess I inquired about the place during the peak season. 10k per person,that’s still high kinda. Do they have water games as well? I heard the place is really cool. If only they will also allow my nanny to enter for free.

  2. This is quite informative. Will sure visit one of this days with the children. Thanks Akaglue. The management of Apapa Amusement Park need to see this and pay for the advert.

    1. Thank u Anon. It is always my pleasure to bring to the knowledge of my readers good deals that I find. Hopefully, someday I will start getting paid for them. wink wink.

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