Want to be a savvy spender? Tip 2- Be knowledgeable

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 My friend recently  paid N5,000 for an online course on social media marketing. She was so disappointed at the course content. I consoled her and told her to learn to use ‘google’ .  This same friend had in the past bought an atmosphere pair of flat shoe for N9,500. Tip 2 to becoming a savvy spender is ‘Be Knowledgeable. In-case you missed the first series, you can read it here.  Tip 1 . Being a savvy spender does not necessarily mean you live a dull, miserly life. A savvy spender knows where and how to apply his/her money to get the maximum benefit from it. A savvy spender is knowledgeable. And to be knowledgeable, you have to research.

Before I spend my money on any item, I must have the price knowledge of what I am buying. I am always aware.  In the past when I was an impulse buyer, I never bothered to do a check on what I am buying / spending my money on. I was a lazy shopper and people took advantage of me. I see this happening a lot to people and I feel truly sorry for them when they come to me complaining.

I always compare prices before I purchase an item / pay for a service. Online shopping has grown over the years and I use this portal as a means to compare prices. The prior knowledge of the price of an item is a good prerequisite to being a good haggler. So for example, I want to buy a new laptop, I go online to have an idea what the prices  are like. I call it research before buying. If I have the time and I do not want to buy it online, then I head out to the shops to get it. Since I have an idea of what the price is, no seller can hike the price too high.

A lady once brought a pair of atmosphere flat shoes to sell to me for N12,000 (That’s over N40 pounds). Chineke, why should I pay so much for an atmosphere shoe!Because I have an idea of how much atmosphere shoes go for, I haggled it down to N3,700. Meanwhile my friend bought hers from same lady  for N9,500.

I also get surprised at the kind of unnecessary services people pay for. A friend once paid N150,000 for UK visa assistance. Though she got the visa, however she had no money for shopping. People, please lets learn to read up, research and do things for ourselves . It will save us loads of money.

Am sorry if I am spoiling the market for some people, but as an AKAglue, I am always pained when I see people being ripped off.

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