Want to be a savvy spender? Tip 3 – Be creative

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plastic-bottle-piggy-bankHappy Friday everyone, Several weeks ago I started a ‘How to be a savvy spender’ series. My first tip was Purchase with a main purpose, the second tip was Be knowledgeable.  The third tip I want to share today is ‘ Be creative’.

Saving money does not have to be all about looking for deals and discount, you can get creative and save yourself some cash.

Everyone wants a good life, we want to live  in choice area/houses, drive nice cars, go on vacation, go to expensive restaurants. etc.  But then all of these costs money and learning how to get the most out of money can be difficult for some people. I preach and practise ‘living a fulfilled balanced life’,and how do I achieve this? By cutting costs in some areas so as to achieve other aspects thereby living a balanced life.

We can get creative and engage in various DIY so as to save costs. One does not have to be a creative artist to get creative.  By simply thinking deep and looking around us, we can creatively cut costs.

A family friend recently visited our home and he admired the enlarged framed picture of our kids. He asked how much we made it and was shocked at the price. He lamented on how he recently made one for his son and paid N35,000 for the photo shoot and framing. Now, how did we save on the cost,we took our kids to a good/modern studio and instead of paying a ridiculous amount for the framing, we asked for the soft copy of the pictures . We then took the soft copy to a cheap  studio and supervised the framing.  And the end result was beautiful.

I have been looking for a piggy bank for my daughter, I finally found one at a shop and I felt it was over priced. I started researching on DIY piggy bank and I stumbled on one using a plastic bottle. I will be making one over the weekend and I will share the picture next week.

The price of tomatoes have suddenly increased by over 150%, since I am not willing to increase my budget for it, I have creatively learnt to make my stews and jollof rice with only bell pepper and habanero pepper (Tatase & fresh pepper).

As I always say, the list is endless. Are u looking for more creative cost saving tips? I have various in the different sections of  this blog and even in the comments section. Also, feel free to share your creative cost saving tips.

11 thoughts on “Want to be a savvy spender? Tip 3 – Be creative

  1. I am new here and loving every bit of it. I am learning a lot too. As per DSTV, we had to switch from Premium to Compact bouquet, saving almost 8,000 naira monthly. the kids watch only 2 channels (nickjnr and Dsnyjnr), I do TLC and foodnetwork(hardly anyother cuz i dont get to watch tv often), hubby watches news (BBC, Aljeezera usually) and then the christian stations. So we had just been wasting so much over the years. Now, we arent missing anything and saving alot too.
    As per tomatoes, plenty creative ideas had to come up. More of Jollof/Fried/Coconut rice. Supplement the stew with more onions(it reduces the sour taste of the tin tomatoes), and a trick i learnt from food network, a little sugar to the stew also reduces the sour/acidic taste of tin tomatoes.
    Did i forget to mention that Sweet potatoes features more in place of Yam on the food menu? Its cheaper, healthy and always a winner with the kids.

    1. @ emem, very useful tips you shared with us. DSTV, been reaping people for a very long time. Thank God people are getting wise and switching their bouquet package. I have been doing a lot of sweet potatoe, I even tried sweet potato porridge and it came out nice. I will definately be trying the sugar trick with the sour/acidic taste tin tomatoes.

  2. Lol! Aka glue you are at it again. Something I have done to save on cost is review my Tv package it’s called Sky TV and for you it will be your DSTV. After getting a weird bill one month I sat down to review what amounted to it, we were basically paying for unnecessary items. Being very busy people with kids I have no time to sit and watch the movie or music stations, we more or less watch 3 stations football, kids Prog and Christian TV. On calling sky to take the movies, music and sky plus the monthly bills reduced drastically. I think this will be a useful tip for the DSTV as well try to audit what you really watch and take off the extras. Nowadays you can even find these programs online for free.

    1. @elchic, you are lucky u have d option to select d channels d want. for dstv, each package already its preselected channels. D lower d package d more crappy the channels are. But as u said, u can get to watch some of these program online. And d annoying thing about dstv is that they keep increasing their fee like eveey quarter.

  3. Lol, you won’t even believe what I was thinking before I opened this post. I was saying to myself that Cakes and I eat out a lot, which costs money and asked myself what stops us from recreating the same or different dishes at home and having a romantic lunch/dinner in???

    1. Wao, Berry Dakara visited. Thank you deary. I remember one of your post in which you cooked at home. The food sure looked good, and u had candles. cakes can make the desert. I enjoy eating out too, but then the rule is, we must stick to our monthly allocation for entertainment/outing.

  4. This is really good! I totally agree with you. You don’t have to spend all because you have it. That dreaded raining day may just be lurking around. Spend wisely. Talking to myself also.

  5. You are so right about the price of Tomatoes, I was shocked getting to market yesterday, I had to buy Tin Tomatoes instead.

    1. @ ola. I wonder what suddenly happened to d price of tomatoes. I thot of using tin tomatoes, but I just dont like d taste. D sour taste still remains after cooking.

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