Want to have a younger look? Avoid cashflow problems.

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During last Sunday’s service while my Pastor was preaching, he paused halfway into his message and said. ‘ Two things that make people age faster, 1. Anxiety. 2. Cashflow problem. The summary of his brief message on cashflow was, to be free of wrinkles and look younger, breakfree from the cycle of negative cashflow, spend on only things you can afford, if your heart beats faster at the price of an item, then you cannot afford it.

At that moment, I felt like running to the podium to give him a hug. I was so excited because he was preaching my message, ‘Living a fulfilled life without making your pocket cry’. His brief message on cashflow was also a re-confirmation on the purpose of my blog.

To be honest, towards the end of last year,I got a bit discouraged due to a direct comment and a couple of mails I got. They were of the opinion that as a Christian, I was being careful for nothing over finances. Some felt I should focus more on making more money than being prudent. But then, making more money and spending less money goes hand in hand if one want’s to be financially secured.

Have you ever come across people who are ever tight on cash. I am not talking about the once in a while, ‘ can I have 5k because I forgot to withdraw for the weekend ‘ or the occassional, ‘ can I have 20k till pay day, something came up and I don’t want to touch my savings’. I am talking about people that are ever pressed for cash and everything in life seems like a capital project, from house rent, to school fees, even day to day living expense.

Cashflow problems originate when you are living a lifestyle that you cannot afford. You struggle to pay for the lifestyle yet you are not there yet. There is this saying that, ‘when you are big, you are big’. If you can trully afford them, you will not sweat to pay for and keep up with the lifestlyle.

This year 2016, lets make a commitment to live a life we can trully and easily afford. Don’t develop worry wrinkles because you are thinking of paying for your house rent, or your children’s school fees. Ladies, we are so guilty of this one, we never have enough cloths, we never have enough jewelry and we keep buying these items on credit thereby plunging ourselves deeper into a negative cashflow.

Can we have a generation of financially prudent women and men who are not ashamed to say, ‘ I am sorry I cannot afford that now ‘.

4 thoughts on “Want to have a younger look? Avoid cashflow problems.

  1. I once saw a sensible quote- “If money is the primary root of evil, then the lack of money must be the secondary root of evil”

    Indeed, living a lifestyle that exceeds one’s cash flow is bound to cause anxieties and premature wrinkles will appear on such a person’s face.

    It is pointless to keep up with the Joneses on Instagram. It is wise to cut one’s cloth according to one’s size.

    Thank you for sharing this message. 🙂

    1. Honestly if people can cut their cloths according to their sizes we will less crime cases, people will stop killing one another because of money, women and men will stop selling their souls and body. And d world will be a better place.

  2. Thank you Akaglue, I am so guiltyof this. I love bags and even if I am broke and someone comes with a bag, I will buy. May God deliver me from this obsession.

    1. Make this year different dear. Say no to impulse buying. I know it can be hard, but hey, we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.

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