Tip of the day: Want to save on your airtime? Try the WhatsApp voice call.

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I didn’t plan on  writing a post on WhatsApp/BBM voice calls as a cost saving tip because I just assumed that everyone knew about the apps. However, I called a friend who is currently on holiday outside of Nigeria and my colleague commented on how much time I had spent on the phone.

I explained to him that the call didn’t consume so much of my data plan but he looked lost.  Then it dawned on me that he didn’t know about the call feature.  That prompted me to write this post.

WhatsApp recently rolled out a big update to its Android application which allows users to make calls to one another using the app. I have tested and tried this feature so many times and the good thing is, it doesn’t consume so much of your dataplan. I use this feature for both local and International calls and it works fair enough depending on how strong network connection. It has also saved me on airtime costs.

I know BBM also has this feature but I prefare WhatsApp because it is clearer and my Andriod phone doesn’t consume as much data as my BB10 phone.

So go ahead, upgrade your WhatsApp to the latest version  and enjoy this feature.  Also let me know if it works well for you in terms of clarity of voice.

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