When a good deal is not such a good deal afterall.

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seriouslybroI have to be honest here, in being a savvy spender I have made some blunders. Yes, I have miscalculated a couple of times. Sometimes what I thought was a good deal / free coupon turns out not be a good deal after all. Other times while trying to cut cost, I have ended up having to pay more in the end. Talk about being penny wise, pound foolish.

In May this year, I won free tickets to the Inspiration FM Children’s day Carnival. (You can read about it here). I was super excited because that was an opportunity for  me to take my kids to the Dreamworld Africana Amusement Park. The free tickets covered the fees for both the entry and the rides. My accountant brain did a quick maths and I thought I will be saving about N6,000. I even bragged to my hubby on how I was such a good prudent wife.

Unfortunately, the event was during the period of the intense fuel scarcity in Nigeria and my car fuel tank was red. My mind was so made up to attend the event because of the awoof ticket that my brain was beclouded to see the reality of things.

The d day finally arrived and since I could not get fuel from the fuel station, I had to buy 25 litres from the black market at an exuberant price of N5,000. The clouds were so gray and thick and yet my AKAglue  mind was so made up to attend the event. Truly AWOOF dey run belle. (Apology to my non Nigerian readers).  There was a lot of traffic going towards the Lekki axis but I carried on.

I finally made it to the venue after driving for 2 hours. My relief and excitement was cut short when I saw the stretch of cars ahead of me all waiting patiently to get parked. Sadly the car park had reached it’s maximum capacity and we had to be redirected to a different place to park. I still hadn’t seen the worst yet.

Getting to the entrance, I was shocked to see such an enormous crowd. The venue was so full and there were still so many people struggling to get in. At a moment I thought I was at a church crusade. I became so angry at myself for being so foolish. Seriously, what was I thinking. A subsidized event being organised by Inspiration FM and there was so much publicity on it. I should have known that such an event was bound to be packed out.

So many people were turning back and I followed suite. My eldest kid was sad, but I promised to make it up to her. I wasted my precious fuel, time and energy.

My advice to you dear readers is to think through a deal properly and get your calculations right. Also if buying deals / discounted items online, it is safer to opt for the ‘pay on delivery service’. Also endeavour to read reviews before you make a financial commitment.

Have you had any experience where a supposed good deal/discount was a bad one? Do share with us.




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  1. This is hilarious, but true. As a mom, I find stuff in the stores that make good sense at that time, after one wash, I wish I had paid full price, and the list goes on. Good stuff here!

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