Why you should have a side Hustle.

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Hurray it’s Friday again. I love the weekends for so many reasons, I get to spend time with my family, I get to rest and have some me time, I get to read and I get to push my side hustle.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I shared two posts last week on how to increase your income/earnings. The summary of the whole post is that you can increase your active income either horizontally / vertically. Horizontal which is having a side hustle or vertical which is growing quickly on your day job.

In the personal finance world, so much is always being said about having a side hustle. Side hustle is simply a phrase that people use which means having a little something by the side that gives you additional income.  If you want to increase your active income and it seems the vertical way of growing your income is not forth coming, dearie it’s time to include a side hustle.

Having a side hustle gets one closer to working for oneself and finally saying goodbye to that 8-5 day job. But the truth is side hustle is a lot of work, and it is time consuming. You get home and you have to work into the night, you also have to work weekends and public holidays.Not everyone is interested in having a side hustle, some don’t have the extra strength and commitment it takes, others may be satisfied and fulfilled with their current earnings.

But If you are like me that wants to have his/her thing but at same time not ready to quit your day job, or you want to have multiple sources of income and have extra cash, a side hustle is a good place to start.

There are so many advantages of having a side hustle:

1. You get to do what you like and passionate about.

2. You get to appreciate yourself better, rediscover yourself and learn new skills. You will be amazed at the things you never realized you could do and achieve.

3. You get to challenge yourself and you derive personal satisfaction that you are doing something of yours .

4. You get to compete with yourself and ensure you outdo your past.

5. Your side hustles can turn into a big business in the future and become your main hustle.

6. Having a side hustle is like having a financial insurance. These days organizations are constantly downsizing, with a side hustle you are insured and will have a soft landing incase ****

7. Most importantly, you get to earn more income. Having an additional source of income is sweet, more money means more possibilities.

There are so many side hustles you can engage in. Buying & Selling ( this has been made easier through platforms like konga, jumia, yes you can sell using their platform), consulting, teaching, re-selling ebooks, affiliate marketing, researching, producing music, event planner & management,  make up artist, errand lady/man, writer. The list is endless.

Are you in debt or are you always broke? Are you ready to do something about it or do you want to continue making excuses? Remember, you can always start small and with time, it will definitely grow because God will always bless the labor of your hands.

For people wanting to start a side hustle, the first thing is to start now to examine your interests and goals. What can you make money doing that people will pay for? What is that need in the society that people will pay to have you fill?

Do you have a side hustle or are you thinking of starting one? Feel free to share your experiences with me.

4 thoughts on “Why you should have a side Hustle.

  1. Well written Amaka, I love how side hustles provide another stream of income asides from the 9 to 5 job.

    I hope that my passion for sewing will soon transition into a side hustle.

    Some side hustles even grow big enough to be the main hustle. 🙂

    1. Yes o Nedo, I remember a month when I had increased expenses. It was my side hustles that bridged the gap. You sew really beautifully, pls work towards making it a side hustle. I will be happy to patronise you. It may be take ur time but it is fulfilling.

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