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My Mission

I am dedicated to advancing individuals and SMEs to be financially competent, confident and compelling in their activities. No matter what financial challenge or decision you face as a person or SME business, I am your go to person to guide you.


Sales and marketing are just one arm of your business, it is the financial side that will ultimately determine the success of your business.

I offer one-on-one services and group classes targeted at small business owners who understand the fundamentals of how businesses make money but want a deeper level of financial expertise.  I focus on the financial side of your business and help you achieve your specific financial goals.

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Learn to take control of your money because debt, unconscious spending and low earnings can rob you from living a fulfilled life. Invest smart, build wealth and get out of debt. I will also personally work with you on how to control those internal thoughts and emotions that are stopping you from achieving your financial goals.

The best way to invest in yourself is to keep learning, so send me an email to inquire further about my services and workshops: